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Going Green

March 4, 2007

I’m a few days late on getting this post up.  I was hoping to have it completed by the first but have been a bit unfocused and completely tired every time I sit down to write.  So, I figured I would get up early this morning before I have to go to work and just get it done. 

In honor of the color that immediately comes to mind when thinking about March – GREEN– I decided that it was the perfect time to begin my campaign for “greener” living.  Throughout the month (and probably longer), I’ll be writing about ways that we can all contribute to making our lives and our planet healthier and more sustainable.  As you have noticed, I’ve also changed the “look” of the site to reflect this beautiful color (just for the month, though).

We’ll start slow and easy today with one of the best ways that you can have a positive impact on our environment and world…RECYCLING.  We live in an age of constant consumption.  It’s basically how we measure our successes…by who has accumulated the most stuff.  Stuff…stuff…stuff.  We’re all guilty of it, but there are ways to try and offset our need for consuming. 

REDUCE.  REUSE.  RECYCLE.  It applies to just about everything.  From basic everyday items (i.e. water bottles, coke cans, office paper, newspaper, magazines) to clothes, furniture and electronics.

1) Buy consumable products such as food in bulk packaging, try to eliminate purchasing single-serving items.
2) Reduce the amount of plastic bags used by bringing your own reusable canvas bag for shopping.
3) Consume less bottled water by drinking water from the tap and/or installing a water filtration system on your faucet.
4) Check out the link above for more ideas and information. 

You will find that alot of household items have multi-purpose uses.  Be creative. 
1) Rather than always throwing out packaging (i.e. coffee cans, cream cheese tubs, take-out containers), reuse them for another purpose around the house.  I use packaging from items to store kitchen utensils, help organize my cabinets, and store left-overs.  For all of you artists out there, keep tin cans from canned food to use for paint as well as storage for paintbrushes.  Just be creative.
2) Think before you just throw something away, and if there are no other uses for it…
3) Find out more information by visiting the link above or looking at the results of my google search.

RECYCLE.  Please, if you do any one thing, let this at least be it.
1) Plastic containers (water bottles, milk jugs, food containers)
2) Cans (coke, beer, whatever)
3) Bottles
4) Paper (computer paper, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, cardboard)
5) Electronics.

These are just a few ideas on how we can lessen our impact on the earth.  Please make it your business to be an informed and conscientious consumer and human being.  There are tons of resources out there.  And if you live in an area/community where there is not a recycling program…help START one!  If not you, then who?  Each of us can make a world of difference.  Challenge is on!!

Please share any of your ideas on how you are conserving the earth…I would love to hear them.

Above picture from here.



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  1. Heather permalink
    March 5, 2007 9:31 am

    Good morning LaLa! Nice posting. You are defenitely right by saying that we all need to be accountable and start making a change in the way that we treat the earth. And the great part is that it can be as simple as recycling or reusing an object instead of throwing it away.

    We always take our own canvas bags to the grocery store instead of getting the plastic bags. It is actually a win/win situation because the grocery store gives us a 3 cent bag discount for each canvas bag that we bring. Every little bit helps!!

    Keep up the good work……..Talk to you soon. Miss you bunches!!

    Love, H

  2. Dennis Wolny - "Pop" permalink
    March 5, 2007 9:19 pm

    Lara- Great shade of green !! Definately partial to green, especially lime green. I do not know if I have ever considered myself a real environmentalist, but I will say I love green – all greens, so there must be some of awareness of mother earth in my daily life, even if it is trapped some where inside.

    I do believe with the help of your mother, I have made a better effort. One thing you have to admit, I was always a “turn off the lights kind of guy” and always will be.

    May God Bless – Pop

  3. March 6, 2007 4:56 pm

    I’m driving around a sub-compact Chevy Cobalt while in LA. It is powerless, but it does save gas!

  4. March 10, 2007 10:07 am

    Hey Heather! Thanks for commenting!! And thanks for the tip…it would be great if all grocery stores would do that. Like I told you, I would probably pay them to keep the bags…they are taking over my apt. because I can’t bear to throw them away. But with that said…a couple of other ideas for using those things:
    * When cooking, throw your scraps/garbage (chicken remnants, stinky things) into it and just throw that out instead of having to bear the smell of it in your garbage can…also reduces the # of garbage bags you use!
    * And your favorite, of course, use them for packing boxes to be stored away or shipped!

    Dad – Whether or not your intentions behind turning off all of the lights and telling us “to put on more clothes” was to help save the earth…more like save $$ on the energy bill…but whatever, it all works out just the same! And I must have gotten the attraction to green from you!

    Andrew – I’m quite familiar with the ‘ol Chevy Cobalt…happens to be the last 2 cars I’ve rented…2 and 4 door!! I bet you’re looking smooth cruising around LA!

    Thanks guys! Take care….And keep the comments coming….


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