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March 27, 2007

GoodSearch logo
This is something cool I just came across tonight while doing my nightly reading/research.  GoodSearch is a search engine that donates 50% of it’s revenues to charities and organizations.  All you have to do is choose which charity (which you can change as often as you like) you want to raise money for and then continue searching the internet using GoodSearch – which is backed by Yahoo! – so you are going to get the same awesome search results.  Why not begin making a difference (every little bit counts) doing something that you do anyway.  [In short, this is Google or Yahoo! with a good cause.]  I urge you to check out the site, make this your search engine, download the search toolbar and then let all of your friends and family know about it.  We might as well direct the billions of $$$ spent on advertising towards something worthy!

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  1. Ajith SRN permalink
    March 28, 2007 5:30 am

    Here are some more sites for global good, and some opportunities for us for doing activities of good without any capital investiment.

    A. Click to donate sites. By clicking on links at these sites, the sites will engage in activities of social good.

    B. Using the unused processing power of our computers for global good.

    C. Instant message and contribute.

  2. mccoy permalink
    March 28, 2007 9:55 pm

    wow, what an awesome site. I was just in PA for a funeral of an 18 yr old who died of Cancer, needless to say I was a prime canidate to give some love to the Cancer Society. This might actually ruin my love affair with google, oh well. hope the running is going well, had some good weather finally

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