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It’s Not Easy Being Green (Minded)

April 1, 2007

I know it’s hard to judge based on my posts (or lack there of), but this initiative to become an even more aware and conservative human being has taken on an identity of it’s own.  Seriously, I have become a bit obsessed with it.  I feel like it’s a 3rd job…but one that I really love and enjoy without being paid for. 

I wish I was more eloquent or capable of expressing myself through words than I am…because I am completely overwhelmed with thoughts, ideas and passion everytime I discover new information on this subject.  And since having first decided to dedicate this month to conservation and sustainability, I have literally run into the subject being discussed on every forum that I come in contact with.  No exaggeration.  Every. Single. Magazine. Newspaper. Website. You name it…it’s being covered.  Which somehow excites me even more.  Because when I began thinking about turning One Sweet World green this month, the wave of media coverage had not set in (or at least not enough to make special note of).  It almost feels like I was on the pulse of the next “big” thing.  Don’t get me wrong…I don’t think for one minute that I sparked any sort of revolution; however, I have found personal satisfaction knowing that I had already decided to cover this subject before the media blitz began.

The main objective for this month was not to try and convince you one way or another about global warming or climate change or carbon dioxide emissions, but to merely try and educate you on how to become more aware of your place on this earth.  However you choose to take the information and apply it to your daily life is your decision.  There will always be the naysayers and skeptics when speaking of global warming and our contribution to it.  Arguing this issue is like trying to win a debate on religion or politics…not gonna happen.  But really, how terrible would it be to become more conscientous and responsible consumers and people in general.  Focusing less on quantity and more on quality – in all facets of life. 

With that said, March has somehow come and gone in a blink of an eye…and I got no where near the amount of information to you as I had planned.  Life tends to get in the way like that.  But as I see it, this initiative is not a passing thing.  Lessening our impact on this planet is an ongoing, forever-long committment.  We HAVE to change our habits NOW, in order for our children and future generations to live and prosper as they deserve.  We are so consumed with ourselves, selfishly making our lives comfortable and convenient at any cost.  But there is always a price, which I feel alot of people are choosing not to acknowledge or believe.

I’m not asking or even expecting you to overhaul your life with drastic changes.  My plea is for you to open your eyes to what’s happening around you and figure out how you can make some sort of contribution to changing YOUR environment.  This is YOUR environment and planet.  This is YOUR future and the future of YOUR children.  We are ALL in this together.  And TOGETHER is the only way we’re going to see a difference.  Start small, and you will soon see how good it makes you feel.  I promise.

Take advantage of the internet and endless resources that it offers.  Educate yourself.  Knowledge is power.  And it’s so much fun coming across really great websites and blogs!  Like I just happen to right now…a new blog that I can already see is going to become one of my “Sweet Addictions.”  Which I found while perusing this site.

Just because March is over…don’t think that this is the end of this conversation.  As Will Steger, legendary polar explorer turned environmental activist, said during a presentation before a California student body, “Global warming is all you’re going to hear about for the rest of your lives.”  So true.  And we might as well sit up and listen…it directly affects all of us.    

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  1. April 2, 2007 9:51 pm

    The hardest changes to make are the ones that require us to sacrifice a bit. Very good post. I think that Global Warming skeptics choose to be skeptics because it’s easier…

  2. April 2, 2007 9:52 pm

    this is the right link.


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