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International Health Security

April 7, 2007

This is 2007’s theme for World Health Day, which is being celebrated today around the world.  The purpose of the day is to recognize the need to “invest in health, build a safer future.”  With the commitment from international governments, organizations and businesses, we can collectively achieve a strong global health system.  One which would serve domestic interests by addressing the vulnerability to international health risks.

Enivornmental change is one of the eight issues being addressed in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) report on global health.  Since just having spent a month trying to raise awareness and spark debate on this highly talked about subject, I figure it is only necessary to point this out.  Climate change not only affects the lives and populations of wildlife around the world, but it also directly affects our public health.  Without sincere appreciation for what we are doing to the earth and the environment, we are also ignoring the serious effects it will have on our health.  Climate change will lead to temperature related illnesses and deaths, water and foodborne diseases, vector-borne and rodent-borne diseases, food and water shortages, and mental, nutritional and infectious problems; as well as, health effects related to extreme weather and air pollution.   

Yet another reason to be an aware human being.

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