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Celebrity “Run” In

April 11, 2007

“If we don’t change the direction we’re going, we’re likely to end up where we are headed.”
— Chinese Proverb

While out on my run today, I came up behind a gentlemen who resembled a well-known CNN news personality.  As I breezed by him on the sidewalk, I swung my head around to see if I was right.  Yep, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t Anderson Cooper!  You know, as in Anderson Cooper 360.  It’s kind of hard not to notice him with his signature head of white hair.  I smiled and continued on but not without turning back a few more times to revel in the moment. 

[I don’t really get “star-struck;” however, I have to admit it makes me a lil’ giddy on the inside whenever I do happen to have a celebrity run in.  Which I am happy to say has happened a few times since I’ve lived here.  I’ve had the pleasure of running into Keanu Reeves (ok, be nice), Sarah McLachlan and Ethan Hawke.  Just to name a few of the more famous ones.]  

But just as I was riding that momentary high, I must not have been paying too close of attention…and somehow wound up running down the FDR with no easy way out.  Only a 30 foot wall to my right, 8 lanes of fast-moving traffic and the East River to my left, and a narrowing shoulder in front me.  I kept going hoping that there would be an entrance back to safety…no such luck.  So, I had to turn around and run like hell back to where I started.  I began to have flashbacks to a moment that I would rather forget.  

I was riding my bike in the city one beautiful summer afternoon when I decided to take the Brooklyn Bridge back home.  Somehow missing the entrance to the footbridge (pedestrian/biker crossing), I ended up in the middle of 5 lanes of traffic.  My heart began racing, and as I pedaled like a bat outta hell, the roar of honking horns and swearing drivers was almost enough to make me pedal right off into the river.  I was pedaling so fast that I thought my legs were gonna rip right off, and my heart was going to pound out of my chest.  The echo of one of the drivers still haunts me to this day, “YOU’RE GONNA GET KILLED…WHAT ARE YOU? CRAZY!”  Probably, but I know I’ll never make that mistake again…

Ahhh…good times.

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  1. Missy permalink
    April 11, 2007 10:32 pm

    Lara…that is too funny. I am glad you made it back to safety. Anderson Cooper is who Pat did an interview with during the last deployment. He (Pat, that is) was on his 360 show, nothing like five minutes of fame!! We pull the video out every once in awhile or when we have company who has never seen it. HA! HA! I am glad to hear the running is renewing your spirit. I am on Spring Break up in Nashville (oh, the life of a teacher), nd my sister took me to a kickboxing class yesterday (I guess she is trying to get me moving more than my daily walks and get me back in shape)…I am totally sore today. Well, you know how coordinated I am, so I am sure that everyone in the class got a good laugh watching me. Oh well, I guess it is good that laughter is good for the soul. Talk to you soon. Love, Missy

  2. mccoy permalink
    April 12, 2007 6:13 pm

    what? no mention of the keg stand with Tommy Moe? it’s one thing to run by a celeb, but to get them to hold you upside down so you can drink straight from a tap . . . now that’s special. hope alls well, jeff

  3. April 12, 2007 8:24 pm

    Look it’s both of you…Miss and Jeff!

    Miss- I never heard about Pat hangin’ with Anderson Cooper! I’ll have to see that footage the next time I see you. How is he by the way? And how are you? Planning a trip to see me soon…you better do it soon (that’s all I’m saying!). Thanks for keeping up with the blog. Take care…xoxo

    JEFF! Thanks for reminding me of that…how could I have forgotten about that?? Still wishing I had my pictures to prove it. I actually saw him somewhere not too long ago (tv, magazine, something) and I admit I had to laugh. Now those are good times! How are you? What’s on the agenda now that the season is coming to an end (or has it ended?)? Call you soon…promise! Thanks as always for the comments! Take care….

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