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Week in Rewind

April 20, 2007

Once again another week has flown by.  How that happens, still not sure.  So I figured I would do a “week in review”.  Highlighting some of the more interesting and important happenings.

First, I want to acknowledge and pay my respects to the many tragedies of the week, especially the horrific events that took place at Virginia Tech.  Which has again reminded me of how fragile life is and forced me to reevaluate my own place in this world.  These poor victims were snuffed out in the prime of their lives, with nothing but a bright future in front of them.  May God bless their souls.

On a much lighter note…I happened to have what was probably the best meal that I’ve had since living in New York (at least in the top 3).  And what made this meal even sweeter was the fact that it was at a restaurant, The Queen’s Hideaway, at the end of my block.  But the best part was actually the food, which you choose from off of a hand-written menu that changes each night. 

After luckily snagging a table before the reservation crowd came in, we were welcomed with a bowl of amazingly, tasty boiled peanuts.  Yep, boiled peanuts.  Beautifully seasoned with a hint of heat (cajun-esque).  However, they were nothing like the ones of my childhood memories.  Which were usually found in a can in the hand of my neighbor playmate.  Terribly unappealing.  The guy sitting next to us said it best, “…this is when you realize that a peanut is not simply a nut but a legume.”  Indeed.  But that was just to tie us over before our plate of hushpuppies arrived.  It’s been much too long since I’ve had hushpuppies, which are a staple accompaniment with fried seafood in the south.  Nothing like some fried goodness! 

Our entrees of salisbury steak in calvados/creme fraiche sauce with mixed shitakes and grilled asparagus piled on top of a popover soon followed.  Completely heavenly!  I don’t think I let my fork rest for a second, and I hardly remember even coming up for air, except to rejoice in my reluctant decision to have the same thing Victor was having.  We usually try to each have something different (especially in a new restaurant) in order to get a sampling of the menu.  However, I knew I was not going to be satisfied with just a bite or two of his dish…I needed my own.  But as we sat and waited for our entrees to arrive, I began seeing the personal tart with tender confit chicken (#3 on the menu) pop up all around me and started to second guess myself.  Quickly my mind was set to ease as I took that first bite and was immediately convinced that I had made the right choice.  This, again, was not the salisbury steak of my southern childhood roots.  To be honest, I’ve never eaten it before because it was so uninviting as a kid (especially when served in the school cafeteria). 

To round out the meal, I just had to finish with some more fried (sweet) goodness – the beignets.  Although they weren’t really anything special or probably worth the fat and calories, how bad could fried dough with sugar and cinnamon actually be?  All of this (a fantastically, southern-influenced meal) in a cute, quaint restaurant located only a hop, skip and a jump from home!

Speaking of home, Amai Tea & Bake House has officially gotten a new home.  You can read more about it and see a picture of it at Lovescool.  After the crazy day we had at the kitchen in Long Island City (Queens) today…I’m counting down the days!

I didn’t get many days of running in this week due to the Nor’easter that rolled in last weekend and hung out all week.  However, I did manage to get 3 in a row last week and squeezed one in on Thursday in between the rain.  Slowly but surely, covering more ground.  The weather is playing in my favor for the upcoming week…so I hope to take full advantage of it.  Here’s an updated map.

Today, I received my Easter care package from my mom (and dad, by default).  My mother is the sweetest, both literally and figuratively, as you can see by the photo.  She’s so nice to send all of this (individually wrapped) candy to us and also include 2 toothbrushes and a lecture about going to the dentist.  For those of you who didn’t quite believe me when I said that I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb eating sugar…here’s your proof!  There was a lot of other wonderful treats in there as well, but I thought this was classic Judy (mom) – candy and toothbrushes.  Thanks again Mom and Dad!
Easter Care Package

Well, that pretty much sums up the week without more talk of “green” this and that, which is how I spend most of my nights – reading and researching.   But don’t you fret, I’ll be back on Sunday to celebrate EARTH DAY with some more green goodness!  Until then, review the Green List and my other green posts to see what changes are left to be made in your daily life and resolve to do better beginning this Sunday.  And if you want an interesting read from a global-warming skeptic, check out Steve Forbes (Forbes magazine) thoughts on Al Gore and this theory of An Inconvenient Truth or as he puts it – “An Astounding Fantasy”.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)  It still boggles my mind that there are people who actually deny that this is happening.

I think that’s it folks….

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  1. April 20, 2007 11:55 pm

    This week was a terrible week, it’s amazing how quickly things can change. My thoughts are with all of the victims.

    p.s. I, too, have been eating large amounts of sugar since I was 0. If you need help with that stash, feel free to bring it on over 🙂

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