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“Let’s Nottekure!”

April 25, 2007

Here’s just a clip of the entertainment that was being enjoyed by all that were taking advantage of the glorious weather in Union Square on Sunday.  I have to say that he was pretty funny, even though, quite annoying at the same time.  But you have to give the guy his kudos for trying to advertise his business.  Yes, this is marketing and advertising at it’s finest.  While he was busy dancing around (i mean exercising?) and singing (terribly, at that), his friends were busy passing out flyers.  Apparently, this was a demonstration of “Nottekure,” which claims to be tremendous exercise for mind, body and soul!  Although I couldn’t find any more information about this practice when “googling” it…the flyer explains that “Nottekure is a type of karate set to pulsating sounds and beats that will flow through your mind and body, perfect for anyone who desires to achieve more in life.”

And then he started again, this time with “Dancing Queen” pulsing from his boombox…

Where do I sign up?

Ahhh….gotta love New York!

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