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May 2, 2007

BK Label

BK Label Hot Chocolate Balthazar Pastry Basket Chili Colorado Rzeszowska French Toast Green Eggs & No Ham
I’ve been meaning to post about this new cafe/restaurant, Brooklyn Label, that popped up in the neighborhood back in December for sometime now.  We must have been a bit out-of-touch and didn’t discover it until late January, even though it is just 3 blocks away.  However, since that inaugural visit, you can find us there several days out of the week.

We were treated on that 1st visit with a complimentary basket of Balthazar pastries (see photo above).  A lovely unexpected gesture to welcome us; however, I would not pay $7 for it on my own.  Balthazar is highly regarded as one of the top French bakeries in the city, but I can’t say that I would necessarily go out of my way for any of those pastries again. 

I followed that with the yummy Chili Colorado (also pictured above) – a large bowl of stewed pork with cheesy polenta, 2 poached eggs, roasted peppers and toast.  Victor went for the Cubano Sandwich, which looked really authentic and delicious; however, we haven’t seen it offered since. 

As the waitress was setting our food down, she commented that I probably wouldn’t be able to finish the entire bowl after having eaten those pastries.  Hmm…she definitely underestimated me.  I don’t think there was anything left except for that sprig of herb garnish!  

Then there is the coffee, beautifully rich and bold.  And $2 gets you a bottomless cup (which is really hard to find)…great deal for a coffee-addict like myself!  As pictured above, the hot chocolate – Victor’s favorite – is just another option on their expansive beverage menu.

Brooklyn Label has the charm of a quaint cafe with a surprisingly talented kitchen.  Each time I go it gets harder and harder to choose what to eat because I have not been disappointed by any of my selections – Chili Colorado, Rzeszowska French Toast, Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Avocado, Marinated Portabello Sandwich, Cheeseburger and Fries, Homemade Granola, The Greek Salad.  (I apologize that there aren’t pictures of everything.)  All of them are simply delightful and completely satisfying!  And I must note that the beautiful challah bread used for the french toast is made fresh at my favorite neighborhood Polish bakery, Bakery Rzeszowska.

With a spacious and laidback atmosphere, pleasant tattoo-clad staff, good food and excellent coffee…Brooklyn Label is a wonderful (and much needed) addition to Greenpoint.      

(corner of Java & Franklin)

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  1. Judy Wolny permalink
    May 20, 2007 11:57 am

    You have made me hungry! Can’t wait until Dad and I visit so that we can try out some of the new places you have discovered. Our trip to visit this Fall should be great since you now know your way around much more than you did when I was first there. Can’t wait to come and see you but first I’ll be seeing you soon in Atlanta.
    Love, Mom

  2. brooklyn30 permalink
    March 4, 2008 6:17 pm

    Chef Cody Utzman/Press Release

    To my Loyal customers and fans: On Feb 1st 2008, I resigned my position as Founder/Head Chef/Owner of Brooklyn Label, due to un-reconcilable differences with Financial business partners. Since then I have noticed numerous comments on quality and service throughout blogs and web reviews and want to let my loyal customers, friends and neighbors know that I have left the trust of your favorite neighborhood café in the hands of my ex partners and crew, and I wish them the best and most success possible. As many of you know I was a regular feature behind the counter or in the kitchen making sure all your needs where met and your food was “excellent” every time. I fully intend to complete my mission statement of bringing the most “excellent” products, services, coffee, and neighborhood business improvements to Greenpoint. I am currently working on a really exciting project that should be open summer of 2008. Thank you again for all your support, rave reviews, and friendship in the past year. I look forward to welcoming everyone to my new place that will be the very best you’ve seen yet!!

    I am creating a mailing list to notify you all of my future projects. If you would like to join, send an email with “Brooklyn” in the subject to
    Please feel free to repost.

    Cody Utzman


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