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May 31, 2007

Below are a some things that I think may be worthy of your attention and time.  So, go ahead…CHECK ‘EM OUT. 

FRUGAL TRAVELER: AMERICAN ROAD TRIP – Follow NY Times Frugal Traveler, Matt Gross, as he criss-crosses his way across America.  He began his journey in New York and will spend the next 12 weeks making his way to Seattle.  I’m a sucker for a good, long road trip.  Having spent many days, weeks and months on the backroads, highways and interstates that connect this great country, I long for that feeling of the open-road daily.  At least for now, I can read about someone else’s adventures.  Oh, and he has a video camera strapped to the roof of his car documenting his travels…so there’s also videos to check out.  [NOTE TO HEATHER: He just spent a little time in Northport, outside of Tuscaloosa…ring a bell?!]

Bush Calls for Global Goal for Cutting Emissions – See what the President now has to say regarding climate change and our (humans) contribution to the serious problem of global warming.  His views have apparently begun to shift, for whatever reason, though he states that it’s the result of more substantial scientific evidence to prove this theory.  At least it’s a start.  An acknowledgement from the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions.

Damien Rice: Singing Green – It’s not easy being green when you’re touring the country on planes and in buses, but Damien Rice is facing the challenge head-on.  And he talks about how he’s off-setting his impact in this interview. 

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