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Running Psycho, Top Chef, and More

June 12, 2007

Just wanted to share with y’all what someone in the blogosphere has to say/think about me and my running endeavor.  Apparently, it’s a ridiculous kind-of inspiration, but inspirational nonetheless.  It’s always great to hear what others think.  On that same token…greenLAgirl also followed my lead and has been walking all of the streets of Santa Monica.  These are just more reasons to keep pluggin’ along.  Thanks guys for reading and drawing inspiration from this ‘ridiculous’ goal…GOOD LUCK with your endeavors!

Well, here’s yet another addition to the neighborhood…Top Chef wanna-be Camille Becerra who owns Paloma Restaurant here in Greenpoint.  I had no idea – about the restaurant or her Top Chef appearance – until reading some graffitti scribbled on the poster ad for Season 3, while waiting on the G train.  This also answered the question that I had concerning a restaurant/bar I just spotted in the neighborhood but had no idea what it was.  Wow!  Who knew you could actually learn something from the ‘G’?  The Season 3 Premiere airs tomorrow night at 10/9c on Bravo.

FOR ALL YOU WOMEN OUT THEREThis is a must read – an article in Women’s Health magazine this month reminding us women that there is much more to life than men.  Whether you are single or committed, there is definitely life beyond relationships, and we must continue to work towards fulfilling our dreams.  I know I am of the age where most of my friends are either married or seeking that one true love.  And being in a commited relationship myself, I am disheartened by the amount of broken promises and marriages that happen all around me.  I start to wonder if there is such a thing as lasting love.  And in the end, there are no guarantees.  That is precisely why the author of this article, now 57 and married, can wisely say that “you need to live your own life because most women end up alone, one way or another.  You must decide who you want to be, not in relation to a man…”  Now those are words to live by.

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  1. June 13, 2007 1:31 am

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Hope your goals’re going well —

  2. Lissa permalink
    June 14, 2007 6:28 pm

    I just love your blog, because I never know quite what I will find, but it’s always something that makes me smile or feel better, or think that someone is on my wavelength somewhere! Like snippets of conversation while talking to you and cutting cookies and listening to the radio. Hope we catch up soon!
    And thanks for the Pies n’ thighs tip! 😉

  3. June 15, 2007 3:22 pm


    So great to hear from you…miss seeing you dearly! But THANK YOU so much for what has to be one of the best comments (compliments)! I hope that we can catch up soon…whether it’s while cutting cookies or enjoying a good pulled pork sandwich. Let me know if you’re gonna make a trip to Pie’s n Thighs…and I’ll be there!

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