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June 22, 2007
  • I figure Brooklyn can be one of the only places that you actually find out who your neighbors are by flipping through Rolling Stone.  Seriously, this has happened twice since I’ve lived here.  While I was doing my once over (which is all the time I usually spend on this magazine) of this week’s issue, I spotted a face that looked very familiar.  I knew this was the guy I had seen with his daughter at Brooklyn Label and then again at the thrift store just last week.  After doing a little internet search of his name to be sure this was indeed the same person…turns out Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio lives in Brooklyn and is a proud father of one.  Thought it was cool… 
  • You see that little rectangular icon on the right side of the page that says I’M MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  I’ve had it there for some time now, but haven’t called any attention to it.  I would urge all of you who use Instant Messenger to check this out.  It only takes a minute to choose which organization you would like to support and download.  Then, everytime you use your Instant Messenger it contributes money to the organization you chose.  How much simpler could it be to help make a difference?? 
  • I found this article in the NY Times to be mind-boggling and have thought about it several times this week since having read it in the Sunday paper.  I’m not exactly sure why, but it was definitely fascinating.
  • Amai won it’s first award this week.’s Golden Scoop awards were given out at The French Culinary Institute last Monday evening, and Amai’s Green Tea Cookie walked away with “Best Bakery Recipe”.  Here’s a write up in NY Magazine.
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