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News from Greenpoint

March 9, 2008

Almost forgot to share this with those of you still in New York. 

Back in May I wrote about our neighborhood favorite, Brooklyn Label, which we patronized pretty much on a weekly basis.  I was sad to find out this week, that the chef/owner/co-founder (basically face of) had resigned due to partnership issues.  You can see his comment/press release at the bottom of that said post.  Even though we no longer live there…this is one of the things I truly missed about my old home and neighborhood.  I wish the best to all parties involved. 

Another interesting note regarding Brooklyn Label, is if you visit their website after reading my original post, you will notice several pictures that look familiar.  Especially the main image of the cup of hot chocolate.  Needless to say…they did not notify, ask or credit us for those pictures.  Just found it interesting.

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  1. jack connor permalink
    July 18, 2008 3:17 pm

    actually, he was fired for stealing money from the restaurant to support his drug habit. this is a fact, my best friend works there. also, ask cody about the pictures. he is in control of the website and has refused to give new management the password to the website.

    just found it interesting.

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