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Snow Tubing

March 29, 2008

Here are a few pictures from a couple of weekends ago…when I went up to Keystone Mountain with some friends to go snow tubing. It was alot of fun, but not the best idea to drink a beer before going down…thanks Jeff!! Unfortunately, it wasn’t too clear because a snow storm was moving in…so we weren’t able to see the surrounding mountains. But it was nice to be up there when the snow started falling!

For those of you who may not know what snow tubing is all about…well, you get in an inner tube, and a guy is standing at the top and asks if you want to spin or not. Then he proceeds to either spin you around until your head flies off or gives you a push so you go flying down the hill. We even did one run where the 3 of us held on to each other’s tubes and went down together. I think we may have been the only adults there not accompanying kids, but it was really alot of fun!!

Tubing Hill
Tubing Hill

Snow Tubing
Lining up to go down…

View from Gondola
View from Gondola

View at the top of the GondolaKeystone
Snow Storm Coming In…

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