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Noble Restaurants

April 12, 2008

I was in Charlotte, NC working (more on that later) all week and will be headed back on Monday.  But I really had to post about a couple of fabulous dinners that we enjoyed. First, because I was so impressed that this sort of unique restaurant exists in the South and secondly, because the food was really wonderful. Unfortunately, the South does get a bad rap when speaking of great culinary finds. Most of what is talked about in this area of the country pertains to “down-home” cookin’ and bbq.  Outside of that, you’re choices are somehow limited to your ‘run-of-the-mill’ chain restaurants.  But after pickin’ the brain of the Controller here, we managed to come up with more than one recommendation on where to find some of Charlotte’s finest food.

Rooster’s happened to be the first one we tried (after not being able to get near the original choice). But it made me wonder…if this was our back-up, then I am looking forward to trying the others.

Everything about the meal was exquisite.  The aesthetics and design of the physical space was unique, well thought-out, rustic and warm.  The humming of the young chefs working in the open kitchen added to the ambiance, but somehow didn’t invade on it.  The cuisine was a beautiful selection of Spanish, Italian and French influenced a la carte tapas type items.  We started with a lovely salami and selection of cheeses.  The cheeses were excellent…a smooth and creamy Goat Lady chevre, a parmesan-like sheep’s milk cheese – idiazabal, and a semi-hard and mild cow’s milk blue cheese – fourme d’ambert.  I chose the salmon as my protein, and we shared sides of pan-fried corn, sauteed swiss chard with pickled onions, and roasted asparagus.  All of it was amazing!  And in perfect portions, which allowed room for dessert.  The choices were all tempting, but the winner was a warm chocolate cake with peanut butter gelato and bruleed bananas.  Yes, it was absolutely as good as it sounds!! 

The next night we were treated to another lovely dinner at Noble’s Restaurant, owned by the same chef as Rooster’s.  Again, the atmosphere was rustic and warm, but made to feel more like an Italian villa.  The service was top-notch.  The food was impeccable – fresh and high quality.  A small taste of tuna tartare was brought out before we received our appetizer.  Having never eaten anything tartare, I was a little apprehensive, but it was delicate, rich and quite tasty.  Our appetizer was made to order, consisting of a large scallop, shrimp and crab cake.  My entree of Braised Beef Shortribs with candied beets, carrots and brussel sprouts was excellent; however, very rich.  The meat simply melted, and the vegetables were pure bliss.  And for me to say that, says alot.  It is yet another affirmation of how much of a difference there is when eating fresh, local ingredients.  And somehow, we managed to find room for the much-talked about coconut cake, with creme anglaise and chantilly, accompanied by a french press of beautiful Sumatra coffee.  I was officially and utterly full! 

Headed back to Charlotte this week…and hoping we can fit in one more dinner at Rooster’s (since I’m assuming our bill at Noble’s was more than enough damage for one trip!).

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  1. Vanessa permalink
    April 13, 2008 6:07 am

    sounds delicious! still waiting on my express mail package of cheese danish though, lol.

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