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Florida, Florida, Florida

June 13, 2008

Florida, Florida, Florida

A touching tribute to Tim.

I feel compelled to write something about the passing of Tim Russert.  Maybe because I have been watching him as long as I can remember, having grown up in an ‘NBC loyal’ family.  Or maybe it’s because it strikes a cord when someone around my father’s age dies, especially on Father’s Day weekend.  My dad could have just as easily had the same fate.  Luckily, he went to the doctor just in time, barely beating that fatal heart attack that was looming ever so closely. 

What ever the reason…it was still a major blow.  Oddly, I felt I had lost someone I knew.  My mind quickly flashed back to the news of David Bloom’s death a few years ago.  Immediately, I picked up the phone and called my parents, as if sharing the news of someone close to us.  It makes me wonder how we become so engaged with people we haven’t ever met.  Yet, we welcomed this person into our homes almost on a daily basis.  His voice, excitement, charisma and sincerity were captivating.  I loved the thought that he was a devout Catholic and could be a major force on such a liberal network.  That he never pushed his political or religious views on us.  He simply loved what he did and all the people he came in contact with.  I always believed it was his faith that made him a stand-out from the rest.  Because, besides being raised in an NBC loyal family, I am also part of a very devout Catholic family.  And maybe that’s the tie that binds us to these larger-than-life figures.  Those commonalities that we have.  I think that’s also how he viewed politics.  He saw a common ground rather than a clear division that has been created.  I heard today that he was a registered independent and felt that that alone spoke volumes of the person he was.  And as reiterated by everyone close to him, he was a tremendous leader in his field, but he was also a tremendous human being who was completely devoted to his family.  I can’t imagine a better legacy, nor can I imagine the pain his family is feeling over this loss.  It only makes me appreciate even more every day that I have with my family. 

And on this Father’s Day weekend, I hope my dad knows that he, too, is thought of as a selfless, generous and devoted family man and Catholic.

Happy Father’s Day to those here and gone…

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  1. Pops Wolny permalink
    June 29, 2008 6:36 pm

    Lara – Thanks for the plug, in the same breath as Tim Russert I am honored. The funny thing about TV and those special people like Russert is we honestly believe they will never die,turn on the TV and they will appear. A lesson for all of us young, middle aged or old that life is a precious gift and each day we need to be the best we can be, first for ourself and then those around us.


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