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My 1st Red Rocks Experience…

August 18, 2008

Jack Johnson at Red Rocks
Poster by Jeff Canham

For as long as I was old enough, I have been attending concerts year after year.  It all started with New Kids on the Block and has since varied from Reba McEntire to The Grateful Dead and everything in between.  There have been a lot of memorable shows and some legendary venues, having had the opportunity to see live music all over the country…from Alabama to New York to California. 

Attending concerts, especially in the summer, has been somewhat of a pastime for me.  While in high school, I spent many nights in Birmingham under the stars at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater.  This is where my love for live music in the outdoors began.  It really didn’t matter much what band was actually playing.  If we could manage to rally enough people, get someone to drive and find the money for the ticket…we were on our way.  The freedom I felt on all those summer nights was like an addiction.  Over those years, I got to see legendary bands like The Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, Steve Miller, to up and comers like Dave Matthews and Widespread Panic, just to name a few.


Since those summers, I have continued my appreciation of live music.  But there was still one place that I had yet to experience this sense of freedom.  Until last night, Red Rocks Amphitheater had been only a place on my “to do/see” list.  After over 15 years, I finally got the chance to be part of the Red Rocks scene for a night.  And like all of those concerts passed, it probably wouldn’t have mattered much who was actually playing.  However, the company of Jack Johnson made the experience that much better.  As I sat there, waiting for the show to start, I looked around at the beautiful surroundings, listening to the energy of the crowd, and thinking how sweet it was to finally be there.  The thought that continued to cross my mind was that ‘it just doesn’t get much better than this.’  And I think that there were about 9,000 other people that would agree with me.

The show was great.  Neil Halstead and Rogue Wave opened.  Both were really worth seeing and will definitely become part of my music library.  And now I can cross off Red Rocks from my list.  The Gorge is up next.

More pictures.

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