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How Sweet It Is

January 19, 2009


Tomorrow is the dawn of a new era, and I couldn’t be any more excited or proud than I am of our country today!  For so many different reasons.  All weekend I kept thinking to myself how poignant it is that we get to celebrate this momentous historical occasion at the same time we stop to honor the great Martin Luther King, Jr.  Could anyone have written a script better than that? 

For whatever our differences are – politically, personally, religiously – it’s hard not to recognize what is and has taken place in our wonderful country this year.  People were, again, inspired to speak out and take back what our founding fathers fought so vigilantly for…hope and freedom.  America has spoken and dreams have been realized. 

Tomorrow will be a starting point for change.  The economy will not immediately revive itself nor will wars stop by the mere inauguration of a new President.  But we can feel the hope and promise that it brings, if only we allow ourselves to unite as one. 

We have waited eight long years for a change and decades for this very moment, and it is a time to appreciate how far we’ve come and celebrate!

God Bless America!!

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