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April 1, 2009


A couple of months ago I finally succumbed to the never-ending meme being passed around Facebook.  And since it was a way to find out more about each other, I figure I would share it here for those of you who either missed it or are non-facers.  The idea was to list 25 random things that people may not know about you.  On any given day, I could probably come up with 25 different ones but here is what came to me on that specific day.

1.  I’ve lived in 9 cities in 7 states, as well as, out of 2 cars – a Subaru Outback and a bright yellow XTerra.

2.  I’ve been invited to Jamaica by one of The Wailers.

3.  I’ve done a keg stand with Tommy Moe holding my feet, but unfortunately did not make it home with my camera…so I hope somebody else enjoyed those photos!

4.  I’ve fallen from the 2nd floor of a hotel balcony in Italy – drunk – but still managed to land on my (bare) feet.

5.  I got engaged at the Eiffel Tower when I was 20 but didn’t get married.

6.  I’ve been on the Today Show doing an exercise segment.

7.  I’ve had 14 different jobs in 14 years.

8.  I’m a fanatical proofreader…typos and misspellings drive me crazy!

9.  I can remember a song pretty much after hearing it one time while not paying much attention to it.

10.  I’m a hopeless idealist and wish I could solve all the world’s problems.

11.  I’m very observant and can remember what most people don’t, but I’m a complete scatter brain with everything else.

12.  I’m an extraordinary procrastinator.

13.  I would love to be a farmer and make cheese.

14.  I could live off of salsa & chips alone!

15.  Every scar on my body (and there are alot of them) has something to do with a certain friend…not naming any names, Amanda!

16.  I want to open a bakery one day.

17.  I love reading quotes.

18.  I am definitely a morning person…I think it has something to do with my obsession with coffee.

19.  No, I haven’t seen that movie…so, please stop asking!

20.  I love the diversity of all of my friends…it’s by far the best part of moving around.

21.  I am completely obsessive when it comes to consuming, conserving and recycling. I will make myself crazy at a grocery store. To the point, I will leave and come back if I don’t have my reusable bags. I hate plastic anything and examine the packaging of everything.

22.  I love to find the cheapest gas, even if it means driving miles to save a penny/gallon.

23.  I think I’m a pretty good baker now, but on my 1st day baking (professionally), I made the worst blueberry muffins ever. One of the guys who had to eat one, took it home and shellacked it, brought it back to me and made me sign it. Thankfully, things got better from there!

24.  I’m notorious for falling asleep on the couch. And I would suggest never try to wake me up and tell me to go to bed!!!

25.  I’m a modern-day gypsy.

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