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April 3, 2009

One Sweet World can now be found on twitter under the name larasweetworld, since the obvious was already taken. 

I created an account many, many months ago at the urging of my friend clicktyclack.  But like most, once I did I had absolutely no idea what to do next.  And until yesterday, I hadn’t even bothered to get back on.  Actually had to reset my username and password because I had already forgotten them.  After doing so, I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening familiarizing myself with this phenomena. 

In the beginning, I couldn’t understand what the point was if I was already actively engaged on Facebook.  However, since the face-lift on Facebook a few weeks ago, I have become more and more disgruntled on being able to access the information that I would like to read (i.e. status updates), rather than a home page filled with non-sense (i.e. “who are you..?” quizzes).  And who can deny the spectacular promotion of this phenomena by the mainstream media.  Seriously.  Every. single. outlet. is talking about twitter to some degree.  Whether it is for news sake or for shameless promotion. 

This post has actually been taking shape in my mind for a couple of weeks now, and what began as a reflection of all of the media attention surrounding this newest obsession, has now turned into more of the latter – shameless promotion.  I admit it.  As I’m gearing up for my much-talked-about, upcoming (sooner-than-later) world travels, I want to get all my ducks in a row on how best to document my adventures.  And at this point, I feel that it can’t hurt to have twitter on my side.  I’ve got big ideas and want to be able to share them.  Blogs are quickly becoming passee because of the time constraints.  People want quick, instantaneous feeds on what’s going on now, at this very minute.  What better way to give the people what they want than via a ‘tweet’.

After less than a day spent clicking around, I’m starting to see the beauty of such a tool and how it differs from other social networking sites.  I like the fact that I can follow people/sites/blogs that I would normally but now have more control over selecting what information I want from each of them. 

We are dying to connect with each other in one form or the other.  Twitter has just brought us another arena to do so.  Heck, a guy from London even managed to travel the world for two months using twitter as his only resource.  Pretty amazing.

Note:  When my travels begin, and I have more interesting things to report on on a daily basis, I will add my twitter updates to the sidebar of this page so everything will be in one central location and help keep you up-to-date in between posts.

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