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Getting to know more…

April 1, 2009


A couple of months ago I finally succumbed to the never-ending meme being passed around Facebook.  And since it was a way to find out more about each other, I figure I would share it here for those of you who either missed it or are non-facers.  The idea was to list 25 random things that people may not know about you.  On any given day, I could probably come up with 25 different ones but here is what came to me on that specific day.

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Waiting for my real life to begin…

March 24, 2009

Whistler, BC
I’ve spent alot of time stuck in this state of mind.  Waiting.  Waiting for whatever is next.  Whether it be a job, relationship, new city, etc.  Thinking that it will be the beginning of my (so-called) real life.  But what does that really mean?  If what I’m living isn’t real, than what is it exactly?

Over the past few months, I have had more than enough time to reflect on this.  When I arrived at my parents’ house in November, I anticipated only staying through the holidays as I prepared for my extended travels.  However, as I mentioned in earlier posts, life took a different course.  Now having been here for over four months (the longest since I was 17), my perspective on life has somewhat changed.   

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Face Lift

March 13, 2009

Please excuse the numerous changes and alterations being made to One Sweet World.  I feel like we’ve been in much need of a face lift.  So, in lieu of writing a post, I’ve been spending most of my time researching and experimenting with a new look.  This is still a work in process, so please bare with me.  I’m trying to have everything completed before I set-off on my (post-poned) travels.  In hopes that the new format will be a better canvas in which to display my upcoming adventures.  Please check back regularly…I promise to have an update real soon!

Trip Delayed = Life Lessons

February 18, 2009

When I stated earlier that I hoped to post on a weekly basis, with exception for limited connectivity, I was picturing exotic places I would be experiencing; therefore, too consumed by my surroundings to be worried about the internet and this blog. I wasn’t, however, factoring in other possible variables. Say, my grandfather gets sick, and I would be taking care of him for a few weeks. Which equals no internet connection, except for time spent at the doctor’s office and hospital.

But that’s exactly what has happened and why over two weeks have passed without an update.

For many weeks and months, I had been imagining what this post would read like. Since I had intended on being in Maui at this point, I figured it would include something with lots of ewwws and aahhhs. Going on and on about the incredible beauty of this magical place, and how I couldn’t believe I had finally made it here. I also figured I’d have an interesting travel story to tell about the 25 hour trek across the country and Pacific to reach this magnificent island.

However, as I sit here in what is probably the exact opposite of Hawaii, looking out the window of a hospital, watching the snow fall, I’m left thinking about my previous post. Aahhh, the art of planning. That thing we do in order to feel some sense of control in our lives. That thing I’m not at all that good at. And as luck would have it, or maybe that Higher Power I believe in had something to do with it, but the one and only plan that I had made (in the form of a flight reservation, which would have taken me to Kahului on Feb. 7), fell through. So, as the story goes, plans change. Life happens.

This is why the art of flexibility has become more of a strength. I’ve learned to embrace the journey, trusting that I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be. Even if that place happens to look more like Ohio than Hawaii, at this moment. That’s not to say I wasn’t a bit disappointed. Sure I was. I’ve been thinking, preparing and anxiously waiting for some time now to leave. Only for that to be put on hold.

What I’ve found is that flexibility has to be paired with patience and optimism. As I sit here waiting – to see what happens to my grandfather and for my travels to begin – I can’t help but recognize the ironies of life. My grandfather is dying, as are all of us, unfortunately, he’s planning for a shorter period of time. Where as, I’m looking forward to all of the endless opportunities and possibilities that lay ahead of me. And even though it would be easy to feel frustrated by this slight delay in plans, I can’t help but feel more sure that every, single detail of our life has a reason and a purpose. This was an unforeseen start to my year of adventure, but there is absolutely no place I’d rather be at this very moment…not even Hawaii.

 “Man makes plans, and God just laughs.”

The Two P’s: Planning & Procrastination

February 1, 2009

I am much better at one than the other.  Planning has never been my forte.  Procrastination and indecisiveness, however, are two of my stronger points.  Yet, I wonder if the two even have much correlation.

Lots of you have asked about my plans for this trip, and, at times, I wish I could come up with something more specific.  Truth is, I don’t really have any.  I have ideas about places I want to see and things I want to do.  Nothing more than that.

I’ve never been a planner.  I didn’t plan to be a gymnast or cheerleader.  Never thought too much about college or what I would do after.  I would have never guessed I would be an accountant, baker or personal trainer and live a nomadic lifestyle.  I’ve also never thought much about a 5, 10, or 20 year plan.  All I have managed to do is arm myself with the tools necessary to take life as it comes and try to make the most of it. 

It’s not to say that I haven’t thought alot about any of those or this upcoming world tour, of sorts.  This whole idea has actually been years in the making.  Just thinking about venturing out into this big world of unknowns – alone – is definitely enough to cause most a mild case of anxiety.  Therefore, our initial reaction would be to make plans, which gives us the illusion of control.  However, I have chosen to trust more and worry less.  Leaving the details up to a higher power.  Anyway, in my analytical mind, it’s hard to make constants out of so many variables. 

Yet, with all of that said, I do have a tentative outline in my head, just with no specific timelines or exactness.  Again, I will start in Maui and continue west after that.  Setting my sights on Australia and New Zealand.  And if all goes well, I want to make my way through parts of Asia, Europe and beyond.  Keeping an open mind and not marking anything off.  There are endless options…we’ll just have to wait and see where I’ll end up!

Until then, here are a few sites/links that have been invaluable resources:

BootsnAll– Excellent source for preparing, especially for round-the-world (RTW) trips
Matador – A community of travellers
Lonely Planet – Everything travel, best known for travel guidebooks
Kayak – Great site for cheap airfare
NY Times Travel – Travel ideas, especially their annual Places to Go

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Where in the (sweet) WORLD to begin?

January 27, 2009
Where in the world to start?

One Sweet World

Almost two years ago I started this blog in order to document the things that I think make this life so sweet, whether it was personal goals, news worthy events, special finds or anything else random. 

At the time, I was still living in Brooklyn, starting a new job and had also decided to take up a lofty running endeavor, which I thought would be cool to post about on here.  For those of you who followed me, thank you!  However, if you did, you know that I didn’t quite complete what I had set out to do, and I think about that alot these days.  But the other day, I went back to that inital post and reread my so-called mission statement.  What I realized is that, even though I didn’t run every street, I did reach my goal.  With every mile I ran, I became stronger both mentally and physically, and I began to experience a sense of inner peace that I hadn’t felt in years.  Every aspect of my life became a little clearer.  My confidence was back, and I felt so alive!  I also had begun to finally appreciate the beauty of the city and it’s inhabitants.  So although I only covered about 50-60% of the streets, I had achieved my goal and much more.  New York finally felt like home.

Oddly enough, just as I was settling into this home of mine, I packed up and headed west.  It’s been almost a year now since I moved out of Brooklyn, yet I feel the lasting impact everyday.  Unfortunately, I’m no longer in Denver either.  After only nine short months, life changed again, and it was time to move on.   

So, almost like clockwork, I am feeling the call of another adventure.  Thinking…where to begin in this big beautiful world?  I stare at the map, examining every inch of it.  Imagining.  Plotting.  Dreaming. 

Although I have absolutely no plans at this moment, I do know where my first stop will be.  In less than two weeks, I will be setting off on an adventure unlike any other that I’ve experienced.  However, I will be packing all of the tools that I’ve accumulated over the past decade, hoping they will serve me well. 

As I fly off to the Pacific with the island of Maui in my sights, I will be making every effort to keep this blog as a virtual journal of what begins there and ends (TBD?).  And I invite all of you to follow me, once again, wherever the wind may take me as I discover all that makes this life so sweet…

“A person needs at intervals to separate from family and companions and go to new places. One must go without familiars in order to be open to influences, to change.”  – Katharine Butler Hathaway

How Sweet It Is

January 19, 2009


Tomorrow is the dawn of a new era, and I couldn’t be any more excited or proud than I am of our country today!  For so many different reasons.  All weekend I kept thinking to myself how poignant it is that we get to celebrate this momentous historical occasion at the same time we stop to honor the great Martin Luther King, Jr.  Could anyone have written a script better than that? 

For whatever our differences are – politically, personally, religiously – it’s hard not to recognize what is and has taken place in our wonderful country this year.  People were, again, inspired to speak out and take back what our founding fathers fought so vigilantly for…hope and freedom.  America has spoken and dreams have been realized. 

Tomorrow will be a starting point for change.  The economy will not immediately revive itself nor will wars stop by the mere inauguration of a new President.  But we can feel the hope and promise that it brings, if only we allow ourselves to unite as one. 

We have waited eight long years for a change and decades for this very moment, and it is a time to appreciate how far we’ve come and celebrate!

God Bless America!!